"In first place I want to thank God 
by the marvelous hints given by 
the Holy Spirit regarding this 
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honor of Jesus Christ." 
In spite of being switched 
Figure 1 
In figure 1 is shown an example of An Almost Ideal Transformer - AAIT (from now on). 
Figure 2 
In figure 2 is shown from the begining a simulation of the AAIT shown in figure 1. 
  • The output voltage = 11.913 volts 
  • The output current = 170.191 ampers 
  • The no load output voltage is 12 volts so, the equivalent internal resistance is: 
    R = (12 - 11.913)/170.191 = 0.511 mohm. 
  • "A 40V Automotive Grade Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET in a DirectFET L8 package rated at 270 amperes optimized with low on resistance" is the MOSFET characteristic used in the secondary EXSDC. 
  • Congratulations to International Rectifier. 
    The overall efficiency = € = 2025/2040 = 99.2 %. 
  • The AAIT in the example has the primary block separated from the secondary block.  A primary block can feed any number of secondary blocks with equal or different output voltages. 
  • The communication between the primary block and the secondary ones are done with two orthogonal pulses that makes the transfer function from input to output to be continuous; so, 
  • filters are not necessary
  • The amplitude of the orthogonal pulses can be any; higher the amplitude smaler the equivalent internal resistance, especially in applications where the load is far from the primary block. 
  • Besides beeing continuous the transfer function from input to output is: 
  • This characteristic is a must for many interesting applications. 
    Figure 3 
    In figure 3 it is shown another version of AAIT fed by a 48 Vpk, 1 KHz  AC voltage source. 
    Figure 4 
    In figure 4 it can be seen the the output voltage in red, after the asynchronous demodulation of the orthogonal pulses balanced modulated in amplitude. That is why filters are not necessary. 
    Besides beeing a DCDC transformer the AAIT is an ACAC transformer as well, it responds from DC to ?????. 
    Accordingly with what is shown in figure 5 this AAIT is responding to 100 KHz and the switching frequency is only 25 KHz.  How is that possible ????? 
    Figure 5 
    I will be extremely glad to acknowledge the right answer!! 
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